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Full name: Marc Rolan Brownett
Nicknames: Maku, Maku-neko, Neko-san

Date of birth: 11th November 1981
Gender: Male
Type: Human
Appears in: 1981 – current
Personal section

Personality: Quiet and shy, he only begins to reveal his humorous and hyperactive side after getting comfortable with those around him. Very friendly, a good listener, and easy to get along with. Often acts very cat-like and, for various reasons, two sides of his personality have formed within the comic as Kuro and Shiro.

History: Marc grew up with Emma Jackson and began to find her the only reason to venture out into ‘the evil’ sunlight. Through the years, Emma became somewhat of a ‘younger sister’ to him despite their closeness and the pushing of their friends and family. High school brought about new allies and enemies as well as an increased interest in drawing his ‘cartoony’ characters. Later he began to develop his own manga-like style and drafted several comics. Also, finding a little skill with websites and computers, Marc moved onto a digital media course in university along with Steven After where they met Ven.
Marc currently lives with Jethro Curry and Emma in a rented house nearby the university. It was there that an accident with a cup of cherryade caused the creation of Kiki, a hologramatic representation of his laptop.

Likes: His friends. Anime. Manga. RPG’s. Cheesecake. Chocolate chip cookies. Thunder storms. Colours; blue, black, purple.

Hates: His friends being in danger. Smoke.
Miscellaneous section

Often-used Phrase:

Signature move:
Reflex Jump. An original move created in junior school where Marc jumps and kicks off against a wall (or walls) to dodge an incoming attack. With the momentum it can also be used as an attack or to reach higher heights.

Mad skillz: Ability to copy attacks from anime shows, such as the ‘Dragon Slave’ from Slayers (used against evil coursework), or the ‘Chidori’ from Naruto (used as a personal ‘limit break’ against fools who stand against him).

Defects: No sense of direction what so ever. Lack of confidence in himself. Worries a lot.

Dark secrets: Probably has more shojo manga (‘comics for girls’) than any other male in the UK… even Tiggs.

Out Of Comic notes by the author

Based very much on myself, only slightly cooler and with better verbal skills, heh.

Fact 1:
Marc was the first male character I ever drew.

Fact 2: Like me, Marc has a brother called Adam, but I can’t draw him well or find anything comic-wise to do with him yet.

Automatic Freestyle - copyright © 1993 - 2010 Marc Brownett. All rights reserved.
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